About the Narrator

Mr Chan Siu-fan was born in Wuyi Shan, Fujian in 1964. He came to Hong Kong for settlement in 1980. At an age of 18, Mr Chan started to learn the skills of bamboo scaffolding by following a famous master. After completing the apprenticeship, he became a master himself, and gradually became experienced in taking up small and large construction projects. In 1989, he set up his own company and began taking up subcontracting orders. He was both a project holder, a master and even a driver transporting materials. In a short period of 3 years, the subcontracting company was registered as a limited company.


Anecdotes about scaffolding

A customer had once called Mr Chan to build a scaffold to clear up a honeycomb. Mr Chan advised him to call the Agriculture and Fisheries Department instead.

A memorable scaffolding job

In one Chinese New Year, there was an order from a family in the New Territories asking Mr Chan to build a scaffold bridge for transporting a coffin to a new grave across other older graves.