Categorisation and Definition

Comic categorisation

In view of a great variety of categorisation methods, we have divided the comic books featured in this website into nine categories, according to popular themes:

Life-style/ Short Stories
Historical/ Adaptation
Love/ Female
Science Fiction/  Horror
Martial Arts/ Action
Social Issue/ Political
Integrated/ Others
Children/ Education

Differentiation of post titles

As different comic production teams used different post titles, for ease of documentation and comparison, we have generalised them into three categories, according to their responsibilities, in the website:

Definition: The one who is primarily in charge of the texts, including the story, plot, script, etc. Titles came across included: “Author”, “Editor”, “Scenarist”, “by” , “Story ”, “Art/ Script”* etc.

Definition: Titles came across included: “Art/ Script”*, “Art director”*, etc.

Definition: The one who is primarily in charge of the non-creative aspects of production, including supervision, administration, and coordination. Titles came across included: “Producer”, “Art director”* etc.

*Some creators whose duties cover more than one area, such as “Story” and “Art/ Script”, their names would be specified under all related titles (i.e. both “Author” and “Artist”).

Criteria of English translation for comic titles, artists, and characters
If no official translation is available for particular comic titles, artists, and characters, Mandarin pinyin will be applied. Examples include Wu Long Wang (《烏龍王》), “Jiao Di Di” (「嬌滴滴」)…etc. In order to facilitate English readers to understand the contents, notes are put in brackets if necessary, for instance Wu Long Wang (literally: Silly King) and Nan Yang Shao Nian (literally: South Seas Youth).


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