Traditional Cantonese music connection

Canto pop emerged from traditional Cantonese music. However the latter was itself a constantly shifting force. As early as the 1920s, traditional Cantonese music experienced a westernization process, which saw musicians picking up the beat and instruments of western pop and jazz music to augment its sound world.

After the Second World War, the mass entertainment industries found a new footing. Across radio, films and nightclubs, there emerged a new type of Canto music variously called 'light music', 'dancing music' and 'spirit music' which doubled up the westernization impetus. The renowned 'Four Heavenly Kings' of Cantonese music were leaders of this genre.

In this section, we recommend several examples of' 'dancing music'. Among the creators and performers were Lui Man-sing, Wu Man-sum and Chung Lai-yung, all having strong connections to traditional Cantonese music. On listening to these samples, one came away with an unmistakable impression that Canto pop was busily under construction.

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