Breeze from South-east Asia

In 1954, Wong Jum-sum followed maestro Leung Yat-chiu into the world of film music-making. The first film he was involved in was Malaya Love Affair. It was one of the many films shot in South-east Asia in those years, aiming largely for the region’s market. In music, the same situation applied. The year when Malaya Love Affair was shot, Fong Yim-fun’s song Belle of Penang was wildly popular, its lyrics openly praising the gorgeous beauty of Malaya.

In 1959, Wong was again helping to make film music, this time for The Pleasure of Youth. He was eighteen, and saw the then nineteen years old star Patricia Lam Fung in mesmerizing action. The latter was to star in further films on South-east Asia, most notably The scent of Durian, which continued the gentle breeze from the region.

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