Central Police Station

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We wish to thank Mr.Chan Tin Kuen for his contribution and photos to this exhibition. Special thanks to Miss Vik Lai,the designer of the website.

The Brief introduction of Mr. Chan Tin Kuen

Chan Tin Kuen was a journalist for newspapers, TV and magazines in different periods. After graduating from the Architectural Conservation Programme of the University of Hong Kong in 2006, he has become a columnist and freelance writer, focusing on local history, built heritage and folk customs. He explores old districts in the urban area and villages in the New Territories in search of forgotten historic buildings and customs that have escaped public attention, and keeps the local cultural heritage in his writings and photography. He has a special interest in the Central Police Station Compound and has visited the site many times since 2005. He has been a docent of Hong Kong Architecture Centre to help the public to understand the historical background and architectural significance of the Compound. He has published a number of books, including The History of Hong Kong Series and Heritage Trails in Macau.

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