Central Police Station

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Central Magistracy Tour Foreword

The former Central Magistracy, sitting at a corner of the Central Police Station (CPS) compound, is easily overlooked as it occupies only a small area. It is sandwiched between CPS and Victoria Prison, and is visible in its entirety only from the Arbuthnot Road side.

The horizontal plan of the building takes the shape of a homocentric square. It is topped by a pyramid roof covered by two layers of Chinese tiles. Multiple chimneys protrude from the roof. It was a common colonial architectural practice – amalgamating Chinese with western styles of architecture. The front entrance is hidden behind the buildings and faces the Barrack Block. A covered hanging bridge connects the Magistracy to the Barrack Block, which was used to transport prisoners to the courts to stand for trial. Since the Magistracy was decommissioned, the hanging bridge has been locked up and was rarely used. Before the revitalization of the compound, to gain access the Former Central Magistracy one must first enter the Parade Ground of CPS then take the stone stairs at its side.

Central Magistracy

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