The Veterans' Stories

I am dying to know if anyone of you had actually laid a finger on “Kashmir Princess”?
What’s that plane?  What’s special about it?
I’ve heard of it. In 1955, “Kashmir Princess”, a “Constellation” aircraft of Air India, plunged into the Indonesian sea when flying from Beijing to Bandung, Indonesia, via Hong Kong. Sixteen were killed and six injured. It was a charter flight carrying Chinese communist party officials and journalists to the Bandung Conference. The Hong Kong Police substantiated that it was plotted accident: a time bomb was planted on the aircraft during its stay at Kai Tak. The convict was Chow Tse-ming, an aircraft maintenance craftsman, who fled to Taiwan afterwards. It was a suspected assassination targeted on Zhou Enlai, who should have been on the plane if not for a change of schedule.
Lee Ming Chien
In a sense I had something to do with “Kashmir Princess”…
My encounter with the "Kashmir Princess"  
I was originally assigned to help with “Kashmir Princess”, but as the flight was delayed, we were already off duty when it arrived in Hong Kong. So the maintenance was carried over to the next team. After the accident the whole team was interrogated, and I was very lucky to have escaped this nuisance. I heard that it was a cleaner who planted the time bomb aboard   on the landing gear. The landing gear was rather tall for that plane, and it was said that he placed the bomb there when going up for cleaning. We were already informed that Zhou Enlai was on-board. The airport was cordoned off eight hours before the plane arrived, and the Police was everywhere. We joked that it would be catastrophe if he were called “Zhou Shilai” (lit.“coming all the time”) instead of “Zhou Enlai”!  After the accident, the airport became really stringent about VIP charter plane. Anyway, Zhou Enlai had made it there on another plane as it turned out.
A “Constellation” passenger aircraft of Air India receiving maintenance at HAECO. It was the same model as “Kashmir Princess”.
Chan Bing Cheong
I witnessed the arrival of “Kashmir Princess” at Kai Tak…
My relationship with the "Kashmir Princess" (the chartered Lockheed L-749A Constellation)
I was on night shift when “Kashmir Princess” arrived. All of a sudden the runway was thronged with policemen, and I figured out that it was because the “Constellation” was landing. But I knew only afterwards that it was heading for the Bandung Conference in Indonesia, and that someone in HAECO planted a bomb on the plane. I witnessed the plane’s arrival, but I saw nothing after that. All I knew was, it exploded after departure. After the explosion, I read from the newspapers that the plane departed from HAECO. Many field staffs were cross-questioned. A supervisor surnamed Yu was put in jail for many years, because he was the head and his worker planted the bomb. The bomber hid out on the plane of Civil Air Transport and fled to Taiwan. But the supervisor was cursed. That old man Yu was cursed.