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Xiaosi Talks about Chung Wai Ming and the Influence of Radio Drama

Xiaosi, who grew up in Hong Kong, was deeply influenced by radio. She acknowledges that much of her knowledge about history and literature and moral ideas came through radio, which was a major source of both learning and entertainment. Her impression of Chung Wai Ming is special, and she especially loves martial art stories. “Mr Chung’s telling of martial arts stories emphasizes the persevering spirit of the knights errant in perfecting their martial skills …Through his strong and confident voice, I can feel the chivalry and integrity of the story’s characters and their moral rectitude. I was deeply influenced by it.”

Xiaosi is the penname of Professor Lu Weiluan, author and educator. For many years, she organized materials on Hong Kong literature and promoted its study. Thanks to her, Hong Kong literature has now become a main-stream research area.

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